About Us

Hitter is designed to help dropshippers to find hot products and connected with qualified suppliers. Backed up by a team of ecommerce professionals with experience in product design, technology and business development, our core mission is to help small retailers around the world succeed in dropshipping business.

Dropshipping is what we often call "the no product source mode". As a dropshipper, when you are ready to run an e-commerce business, you can test-market for your products and then optimize your sales strategy without storing a large amount of inventory. When a customer places an order, the order is forwarded immediately to the supplier or manufacturer and they will directly ship the order to your customer. The dropshipper has no intermediary contact with the goods sold from beginning to end.

We believe there are some bad experience in the dropshipping process, in order to better serve our dropshippers, we always locating the pain points encountered by dropshippers. We know that 75% of small retailers are most worried about how to find the best-selling products, 60% of them have encountered the problem of long delivery time and high operational cost from the suppliers, while 55% of them lack the skills of online merchandising strategy and online advertisement and 25% even encounter out-of-stock suppliers when preparing to purchase! When dropshippers face such problems, find Hitter.

Hitter collects public data on the market, and utilizes big data technology to quickly discover hot products, even potential products, covering nearly one million categories such as shoes, clothing, accessories, 3C, and home furnishings. We help merchants find products quickly and scientifically, to test-market efficiently.

In addition, Hitter has connected a large number of high-quality Chinese suppliers who directly ship from factories, eliminating the pain point of narrow profit margins.

Company : Hainan Xuancheng Network Technology limited Liability Company

Office : Room 4001, 3rd Floor, Incubator Building, Hainan Ecological Software Park, High-tech Industry Demonstration Zone, Old Town, Chengmai, Hainan Province

Email: hittersupport@hitterapp.com